About Us

Who are we?

Boston Cellron is a dynamic and growing provider of high quality research reagents, tools and custom services based in Massachusetts, US. We provide custom services including antibody production, peptide synthesis, customized protein production and assay development. We carry a broad product line in research areas such recombinant growth factor, enzymes, chromatography matrix and ready-to use columns and so on.


Our Focus

We are dedicated to serving the need of research community by providing quality customized antibodies, recombinant proteins, and various molecular biology services, mainly focus on membrane protein expression and purification.


Product Quality

Recognizing the inextricable connection between scientist's tool and their research success, we pay the most careful attention to the quality of our products. All products are manufactured with rigorous guidelines and are accompanied with certificates of analysis.

Technical Support

Biologists and Chemists at Boston Cellron offer extensive tech support to our customers for using the products. You may expect personized and attentive care from our support staff answering your order and technical inquiries.