Phos-tag Reagent for SDS-PAGE gel

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Phos-binding reagent acrylamide (PBR-A) is specific and selective reagents for binding of phosphorylation sites of proteins. Protein phosphorylation is important post-translational modification of proteins for cell signaling transduction during cell growth, differentiation, tumorgenesis, and other life processes.

PBR-A is used in SDS-PAGE method to determine the phosphorylation state of proteins. The reagent binds specifically and selectively to phosphorylated sites through divalent metal ions (Mn2+ or Zn2+). The phosphorylated proteins are tagged behind the non-phosphate ones in SDS-PAGE gel during running in electric field.  


1. Suitable for kinase assay

2. Applicable for phosphorylation analysis of multiple endogenous proteins

3. Almost the same procedure as SDS-PAGE gel running

4. No antibody is needed


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Store all components at 4°C


For laboratory research only. Not for clinical applications.

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