Molecular Biology Services

Boston Cellron's DNA Team offers essentially all recombinant DNA services. These include gene synthesis, PCR cloning, mutagenesis, plasmid vector design and construction, and DNA sequencing and analysis. Codon optimization and gene synthesis are performed in-house, and customized design software and process automation facilitates throughput. Plasmid purification is offered at multiple scales. The process is highly streamlined with rapid turnaround.

Custom Peptide Synthesis Services

Boston Cellron's Peptide Team provides high-quality peptide synthesis services with full spectrum from standard peptide synthesis with various modifications to high-throughput peptide library. The peptides are supplied at the purity varied from 70% bulk level to >98% high purity. A wide range of custom modifications including N-terminal modification, C-terminal modification, cyclic disulfide bridge, phosphorylation, stable isotope labeled peptides and other special modifications are offered for varied research needs. 

Custom Protein Services

Boston Cellron’s Protein Team offers custom varied protein related services including expression, purification, and conjugation services. We have bacterial, yeast, mammalian cell and non-cell expression platform for different kind of proteins at scale from milligram to gram quantities. The chemical modification services include biotinylation, HRP conjugation, and fluorophore conjugation. Large scale conjugation and custom conjugation is available.

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