E.coli Protein Service

E.coli Protein Services

The E. coli expression system is the most widely used expression system for recombinant proteins with several advantages, including low cost, high expression level, ease of scaling, and a short turnaround time.

Outline of Recombinant Protein Expression Service in Bacteria

Phase Service



Phase 1: Gene cloning

1-2 week

Use your expression vectors without any modification

Gene synthesis and codon optimization

Subclone your gene into an expression vector

Phase 2: Large-scale gene expression

1 week

Transform expression plasmid into bacteria

Express protein in 1 liters of culture

Collect, lyse and extract the induced cells

Centrifuge to obtain the supernatant fractions for purification

Phase 3: Protein affinity purification

1-2 week

Protein affinity chromatography purification

Determine the protein purity by SDS-PAGE with Coomassie blue staining

Protein desalting

Determine the protein concentration