Mammalian Cell Expression Service

Mammalian Cell Expression Service

Protein expression with the mammalian cell expression system has the most comprehensive post-translational modifications with guaranteed activity. We provide 2 expression options: transcient transfection and stable cell line expression. 

Outline of Recombinant Protein Expression Service in Mammalian Cells

Phase Service



Phase 1:  Gene cloning

1.5 weeks

Use your expression vectors without any modification

Gene synthesis and codon optimization

Provide gene template or subclone your genes into either an expression vector provided by you or an overexpression vector from Boston Cellron

Phase 2:  Gene Expression

1-3 weeks

Small scale of gene expression: transfect 2 ml of HEK293 suspension cell cultures using the sterile recombinant plasmid DNA

SDS-PAGE and Western blotting analysis to confirm the gene expression, expression levles, protein secretion, protein solubility, etc

Upon request, perform large scale of gene transfection (100-500 ml)

Centrifuge to obtain the culture supernatant and cell pastes for purification

Phase 3: Protein affinity purification

2 weeks

Cell lysis, protein extraction, centrifugation, etc.

Protein affinity chromatography purification from lysate and/or cel culture supernatant, desatling, etc.

Determine the protein purity by SDS-PAGE with Coomassie blue staining

Determine the protein concentration. Concentrate the samples if protein concentration is too low

QC process,  deliver protein product and project report, etc.