Molecular biology

Molecular Biology Services

Boston Cellron's DNA Team offers essentially all recombinant DNA services. These include gene synthesis, PCR cloning, mutagenesis, plasmid vector design and construction, and DNA sequencing and analysis. Codon optimization and gene synthesis are performed in-house, and customized design software and process automation facilitates throughput. Plasmid purification is offered at multiple scales. The process is highly streamlined with rapid turnaround.


Gene Synthesis

De novo DNA synthesis is a powerful and flexible engineering tool for designing the totally new DNA sequences for fundamental uses in life research field. We are extremely experienced at gene synthesis service, and know deeply what you need: 100% accuracy and short turnover time. We also offer free codon optimization and subcloning services for your downstream work. 


Custom Oligo Synthesis

Boston Cellron provides standard DNA oligo and complicated sequences and modifications. We can synthesize your oligos at the scale and purity that you need. Our modifications include dye labels, modified bases, linkers, spacers, 5’terminal caps and more.  Our oligo team offers the fast and cost-effective service for your needs.


Mutagenesis and Cloning Services

Boston Cellron provides site-directed mutagenesis to introduce point mutations, small insertions, or deletions service. We also offer plasmid design and construction services that include subcloning a gene of interest into a vector of choice. Gateway cloning is also available with a peptide tag or additional sequence is encoded at the N or C terminus.