Peptide modifications

Peptide Modifications

Boston Cellron provides a wide range of peptide modification services to meet any research need. These modifications can improve overall peptide stability, alter structure to better understand biological function, or enhance immunogenicity for antibody development and production. In addition to a variety of terminus and internal modifications, Boston Cellron also provides peptide labeling and conjugations for imaging and detection needs.

We offer hundreds of peptide modifications, labels, and bioconjugation to other biomolecules, including:


1、  Peptide Modifications



Acetylation (N-Terminal)

Br-Ac- {N terminus)}

Suc (N-Terminal)

Fmoc (N-Terminal)

Formylation (N-Terminal)

pNA (C-Terminal)

Amidation (C-Terminal)

Fatty acid (N-Terminal)

AMC ( C-Terminal)

Z (CBZ) (N-Terminal)

Myristic acid (N-Terminal)

{Mpa} (N-Terminal)

Bz (N-Terminal)

Palmytolyl (N-Terminal)

{pGlu} (N-Terminal)

AFC ( C-Terminal)




2、Special amino acids































{Arg(Me)2} asymmetrical






{Arg(Me)2} symmetrical














3、Spacer Linkers



{Ava}, C5

{Ahx}, C6

{GABA}, C4


4、N-Methyl amino acids












{N-Me-Gly}, Sar






5、Phosphorylation Modifications









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